Curtains & Blinds

We supply all types of blinds and curtains.

For Interior Designers

As an interior designer you may have a regular supplier for your curtains and require a specialist to support your needs for powered blinds and curtain tracks.

We can coordinate supply with the architect and builder on your behalf and provide technical confidence.

For AV Integrators

We have worked with most major AV Integrators.  We understand the value of making sure the right cable, is supplied in the right location and the window schedule from the Interior Designer is interpreted correctly.  Hardware and cabling decisions are driven through so that you have all the information you need.

In some instances, you may be responsible for sourcing powered blinds and curtains.  This could be motorised blinds for key areas such as bedrooms or within the media room.  We can work directly with you.

For Architects

Design and drawing support is available throughout each project. This includes a collaborative window schedule, product specification and early build-in details for blinds and curtain pockets.

Skylight blinds always need some early consideration, so the blind can be integrated and hidden from view when not in use.

For Developers and Property Owners

Property developers and owners self-managing projects can also take direct responsibility for window treatments. We can provide all the support you will need such as:

  • creation of a window schedule
  • fabric selection
  • window pocket design
  • cable choice and location
  • liaison with AV Integrator, Architect, Electrician and Interior Designer

Contact Ufor more information or to arrange an appointment.

Please provide floor plans of your project and any window schedule information you may have.

A budget price can be created quickly and on appointment, we can join the design process.  This usually takes the form of a 10% deposit.