Lutron position their products as the best on market and a are priced accordingly.  Lutron have wide range of products, including their home and lighting control kit, allows window shading to be easily added.

Blinds can be bought directly from Lutron where they are manufactured in the USA, using Lutron’s fabric range.  This is well suited to projects that require just roller blinds using a standard fabric and the products primary performance is privacy or room darkening.

When a large home is wired for Lutron home control systems and blinds, we provide greater flexibility by supplying Lutron powered blinds made using any type of fabric. This allows the interior designer to work without restriction.

Lutron wall switch

Why use Lutron?

If the lighting or wiring is already specified, then it makes sense to use the proprietary cabling and hardware to control the blinds and curtain tracks.

In our experience, as an overall product offer, Lutron motors are the best.

Lutron motors are so quiet. It’s funny, a lot of clients don’t mind hearing blind motors – it’s often expected; motors = noise.  But Lutron motors are almost inaudible. Some other motors operate at different sounds levels and pitches and can be disturbing.

Secondly, Lutron roller blinds have automatic hem-bar alignment. For example, if you have a bay window or a couple of blinds next to each other, the bottom of the blinds will be level with each other at any point during their travel. Whether the blinds are moving up, down or are set to stop halfway, with the bottom of the blinds lined up. This may sound simple but many other motor suppliers have an equivalent feature but it’s unreliable, with the blinds operating at different speeds.

The same applies to venetian blinds.  We haven’t seen reliable slat alignment with any motors other than Lutron.

Product Information

The Lutron website is a great source of information, especially for architects specifying Lutron products.  There are CAD and PDF drawings available for plan and section views of each product and literature with supporting product information;

Lutron drawings

Lutron overview

Lutron product specification

Why buy from Us?

There are five UK based Lutron fabricators.  So rather than buying Lutron blinds from the USA, you have quicker delivery and access to a UK based service team, if you use a UK based fabricator.

Each fabricator have different skill-sets and manufacture only part of the Lutron product range.  Some can’t work with different fabrics, some just buy the products in from Lutron and don’t hold stock of everything. This is where our expertise comes in.  We aren’t restricted by supplier or product range, so we can select the best products for each project without any bias and contour the package to suit your needs.  One point of contact for all the powered blinds, backed up by a very responsive service to suit the often demanding needs of our clients.