Luxury fabrics for blinds

There are thousands of fabrics to choose from.  Each designer, architect, client or blinds supplier tend to have their own preferred range of fabric.

On super-prime projects, interiors are bespoke and the combination of fabrics chosen by the interior designer will be unique.

The largest collection of fabrics in London are on display at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre.

Fabrics can be broken down into several categories as follows:

Luxury fabric

Fabrics made using a variety of natural materials, silk, linen, wool, metals and intricate designs by well known designers.  These can cost £75-200 per m2 and are supplied on fabric rolls 140cm wide.  Our clients demand the best fabrics for their motorised systems, so each fabric will need to be treated, stiffened, laminated or lined so that it can be used in the manufacture of roller blinds so it’s stiff enough to roll correctly onto a roller blind tube.

If the fabric is used for luxury curtains or roman blinds then it doesn’t need to be treated and that’s generally what the fabric is designed for – soft furnishings, curtains, cushions, upholstery.

Roller blind fabric

Some fabrics are specifically designed for roller blinds, such as the Mermet range.  Whereas luxury fabrics are available in widths of 140cm, roller blind specific fabrics are made upto 3m wide. This allows for larger roller blinds to be made using a single piece of fabric such as blinds that fit over the top of bi-fold doors.

These fabrics are designed to block all (or 97%+) of UV light, the light that stops fabrics and paintings from fading.  These are in use throughout London’s premier art galleries.

Screen fabric

will finely control light and visibility, so the balance can be adjusted to suit each elevation and room.  South facing rooms will need a near black-out fabric whereas north facing rooms may just need privacy and to block-out UV light.

Solar reflective fabric

Verosol patented aluminium backed fabric to reduce solar gain, to reflect heat from entering a building during summer and prevent heat escaping during when it’s colder outside.



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