Somfy KNX

OK.  Most blinds can be specified using a couple of key motor choices, to suit the project control system being supplied by the AV Integrator;

230v Motors

These require 4 core cable (two live cables, one for up, one for down, an earth and neutral).  These blinds are usually controlled using relays or motor controllers via the home control system.


In the case of a KNX control system, Somfy have a specific digital motor that we can use.

These motors can also be controlled via a radio control transmitter (something from Somfy’s range).  Or with the right wiring setup, you can use a wired Somfy controller that allows use of third party switches without requiring a home control system but we rarely work on projects without!

24v Motors

Somfy low voltage motors are small and compact and generally incorporated within pleated blind systems, for shaped conservatory roofs. Otherwise they don’t have enough power or functionality to compete with the 230v powered motors and make more noise.

Why use Somfy motors?

Somfy motors are widespread and integrated within the majority of blind systems.  The cable requirements are simple and the blinds can be controlled using any home control system.

The motors are powerful and well suited to larger blinds, blinds under tension or skylight blinds, where in some instances Lutron motors aren’t strong enough.

So on some projects that are even wired for Lutron motors, it’s advisable to add a second 4 core cable to skylight windows and large openings just in case a Somfy powered product is required

Alternative Motors

There lots of different motors available, so we suggest you scrutinise the motor choice of your supplier closely.  Somfy motors are easily serviced around the world, just like Lutron.  Where projects are value engineered, lower cost motors can be used that aren’t as quiet, as easy to maintain or replace.